Finished Crafting Studio (submission for Stamp-n-Storage)


Welcome to my re-stylized crafting studio.  I want to take this opportunity share my favorite features.

Tons of Storage

I have what was previously an overwhelming number of inks and punches.  I found Stamp-n-storage online and saw they had the perfect products to contain my collection.  I removed the wooden doors from the closet.  I inserted an entertainment unit I already had and some cube storage units.  I added the units from Stamp-n-storage.  My husband fashioned a curtain rod from conduit pipe.  I purchased a shallow bookshelf from Ikea.  I purchased curtains and a curtain topper for my window, to coordinate all of my storage spaces and make the room look chic and neat.

The desk was fashioned from an Ikea corner desk and a table.  My husband added locking mechanisms on the bottom to keep the two surfaces joined tightly together.  I purchased an “over the door,” pantry rack to create the wrapping paper storage station.

I found after storing my card stock on shelves, edges that were exposed to the light had been fading.  I found letter size rolling plastic bins with covers at an office supply outlet.  All of my card stock is now organized by color families, protected from the light,  and can be easily rolled in and out for access.

Pleasing Yet Functional Decor

I had a few things on hand I wanted to re-purpose as both useful and decorative items.  I hated my bulletin board.  Upon searching Pinterest, I found attractive bulletin boards that had been made out of picture frames.  I also fell in love with wall art created from artist trays.  I purchased 1/4 inch cork board in 12×12 sheets.  I cut them to fit my 8×10 picture frames.  I used two of them to create small bulletin boards with antique picture frames.  I used one frame/cork combination to create an attractive and functional drink tray.  A left over piece of cork board protects my drawer unit and keeps my phone and remote from slipping off.

I used the artist trays to create small collages for my wall.  I re-painted an old plant holder and created a file box.  I covered ugly manila folders with designer series paper.

The cat was on hand.  I think he enjoys my new space just as much as I do.

My crafting buddy, Newton.

My crafting buddy, Newton.

Thank you for touring my craft studio.  I hope you are inspired to create a beautiful space to work, no matter how much, or how little room you have.


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  1. You did an awesome job on your craft studio! Makes me want to sit down and create something! Everything is so organized and has a purpose! I think you should become a personal organizer and hire out! Love, love, love your studio, sis! Incredible!!